Sun Smarts

Summer’s here and we have never been more active outdoors. If it gets us out of the house and our life of quarantine “Happy Days” Overnight we have become gardeners, painters, window cleaners, joggers and workouts in the garden. Sun feels great especially when your outdoors and it’s shining.  But even on a cloudy day when you can’t see the sun those pesky rays are present and attacking the skin!! Sun damage is a result of frequent or excessive sun exposure which can lead to serious skin conditions. Its effects accumulate over time and you should be smart enough to stick to a sun protection regimen, year round.

However before you can understand how to protect skin from the sun it is helpful to know what exactly you need protection from.

UVR is divided into three different bands.


Virtually all UVC radiation is filtered out by the atmosphere so that none actually reaches the earth’s surface. However because of pollution in our modern world more rays are getting through so we need to protect ourselves more when we are outdoors.

  • UVB radiation is the ray that burns the skin.
  • UVA radiation is what causes aging of the skin.

UVB radiation, the rays that burn, are much stronger in some ways that UVA radiation. They have a considerable capacity to cause instant skin damage in the form of blistering sun burns.  However the earth is bombarded with about 100 times as much UVA as UVB.  And it’s the UVA Rays that cause aging among many other devastating effects on our bodies.

UVB rays DO NOT penetrate glass so there’s no risk of sunburn when you are in your car or sitting next to a window but that’s the only Good news.

UVA rays Do penetrate through clear glass.  UVA’s rays are the suns silent killers.  You don’t feel them but they are the primary cause of skin cancer and WRINKLES. Skin damage from the sun begins within the first minutes your skin is exposed to sunlight.

UV exposure causes thickening of the skin, fine lines, dehydration, premature aging of the skin, wrinkles and

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