Invisible Glove

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Sinead Foyle

"It smells so good and my hands are so thankful! I look forward to putting it on every day; I recommend this product 110%"
Invisible Glove By Dr Schwab
Intensive Hand Cream at Body Connection
Before Pic
Intensive Hand Cream at Body Connection
After Pic
Since I've been using lots of hand sanitizer recently my hands got so dry and cracked. My skin was tight to move and I was a little embarrassed to say the least. I asked Jackie for some advice and she recommended the Dr. Schwab Intensive Hand Cream. As you can see the photos I've never looked back

Sinead Foyle

"This hand lotion has repaired my dried out 66 year old hands. It has a fresh scent and worth every penny. I love that you can toss into your purse and take with you. I highly recommend"
Sandi B
Love Dr Schwab Producuts
Best Hand Lotion Ever "This Hand Lotion repaired my cracked and very sore hands. It was instant. I love it!!!"
Helen phelan
Body Connection Client
Unbelievable! "I was using a very strong hand sanitizer and my hands were cracked particularly in between my fingers. Immediately my hands felt soothed. As the days went by the cracks began to heal. It was amazing."
Sandra Dunne
Jackie's Biggest Fan

Our hands give away our age, influenced by stress, environmental pollutants and long term sunlight exposure.

improves the appearance of dark spots maximum hydration with Environmental Protection Key Ingredients: Green Tea Extract, Coffee Extract, Shea Butter, Alpha Bright Peptide
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