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Professional Micro-Needling is also referred to as Natural Collagen Induction Therapy or Transdermal Delivery, because it creates small channels into the deep layers of the skin which break up the old collagen strands, and stimulates the creation of new ones.  

Although Micro-Needling may look a little aggressive, with its needles, it is actually much gentler than you may think.  This is because, unlike treatments like peels and laser resurfacing, Micro-Needling does not harm the epidermis, the very top layer of skin.  As the small handheld roller with its micro needles is gently rolled over the area being treated, it creates pin point punctures. The pores of the top layer of the skin are parted without being damaged, leaving the epidermis, intact.

So after the immediate healing phase of Micro-Needling, we need to be a little patient to see the full, visible difference it will make to our skin in the long-run.  A nice way to think of this is that it is the treatment that just keeps on working (and giving us results, as our skin gets better and better).

How Exactly Does Microdermal Needling Work?

By the time we are 35 we will have lost half the collagen ‘scaffolding’ in our skin and also elastin (which gives our skin its elasticity), and quite simply Micro Needling stimulates collagen and elastin production. 
It is the controlled stimulation of the skin’s ability to self-repair. The thousands of micro ‘channels’ created in the skin, not only trigger new collagen production but also allow any products applied to penetrate deep into the skin and heal the skin further.   

Products with powerful effective active ingredients like Hyaluranic Acid, Peptides, Vitamins C, A and E are applied during the healing process. The micro channels the needles have made in the skin also allows the products to enter far deeper into the skin than they would without the skin needling being done first. This will significantly aid the success of the treatment as the skin’s ability to soak up nutrients increases by whooping 80% for an hour after the treatment!!  


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Most frequent questions and answers
The good news is that most people won’t find home needling painful. The needle length is much smaller (0.3) and more gentle.
Well, anyone! But mostly, anyone who wants smoother skin, wants to look as if they have smaller pores, has dark spots, or has scar tissue should consider home rolling, The best part about home needling is that any skin type or skin colour can benefit from it.
Good quality skin care products are vital for the health and integrity of the skin so that it remains in a healthy condition. Home rolling increases the absorption of your skin care by 80% so what you put on your skin is so important for two reasons.
  1. You want to give the skin the best possible chance to produce good quality collagen and stabilised active ingredients will aid in this process.
  2. Secondly ingredients in poor quality products will create an irritation in the deeper levels of the skin and ultimately cause negative results for the skin
  • Improve the tone and volume of the skin
  • Improve fine lines and wrinkles
  • Improve uneven Skin Color
  • Improve sun damage
  • Improves the appearance of facial redness (Rosacea)
  • Reduction in the appearance of pigmentation
  • Skin appears more luminous, brighter and smoother
  • Improves the appearance of Acne Scarring
When doing your Home rolling you will feel a slight tingling. I suggest you start on the cheek area because it is a thicker skin and less sensitive.

You may experience some redness and sensation similar to slight sunburn for a couple of hours after your treatment. When you apply your serum and treatment cream it will also tingle and this is perfectly normal. However this is a treatment that I recommend you do at night when you are winding down from the day and relaxing.
That really depends on why and what your focus is. It’s possible to perform home rolling for many different skin concerns. Some skin concerns take longer to show results. However, the results will happen if your patient.

We didn’t age overnight…so why should we anti-age overnight? 
Most clients will start to notice improvement after the first treatment.  More significant results will start to show after the 2nd and 3rd week but results may vary for each client. For our acne scarring client it will take longer to see a result because it takes more time to break down the scar collagen and build it back up again.  For the client who wants to get a radiance and clarity to her skin she will see a difference almost immediately.  But for a client who wants to reduce fine lines and deeper wrinkles it will take a couple of months.
Firstly you can do it five nights a week so you can be more consistent which is always going to be more beneficial. 

You are increasing the skin cells metabolism so it will function more efficiently. It’s like a workout for your skin cell.

When the skin begins to repair itself it has a better ability to hold on to the hydration in the skin. This is so important for the health of the skin. “A Healthy Skin is a Hydrated Skin”

When the skin is hydrated and healthy it functions at an optimum level.

You will get 80% more penetration of your active ingredients into your skin. So your products are more effective and working better for you to get your skin healthy and radiant.

A client who has:

  • Recent sunburn, sun exposure or sun bed
  • Fake tan on the treatment area
  • Pregnancy
  • History of seizures
  • Diabetic
  • Severe dermatitis or eczema (within the treatment area)
  • Active infections like active acne because it can inflame the area further if it gets traumatized
  • Roaccutane:  (oral acne medication) use in the last 6 months.
  • Cold Sores
  • Use of Photo sensitising medications
It is always important to protect your skin from direct sun exposure. I highly recommended you use an spf 30 broad spectrum sun block as a preventative measure from further skin aging from UVA. However I recommend you do your home rolling at night.
It is absolutely fine to stop rolling for a week or two if you are going on holidays or if you’re under the weather and feeling unwell. The most important thing is what you do 90% of the time.
Yes. Its absolutely fine to stop home rolling if you want to give the skin a break. Some clients can experience sensitivity or mild redness during their regular home rolling. However this is mostly experiences by client’s who’s skin type is sensitive normally.
Hot showers, hot baths and saunas are to be avoided for 24 hours. Also anything that generates heat in the skin such as exercise, cooking over a high heat, etc.

No makeup may be applied for 48 hours after your treatment. (Home rolling should only be done at night)

Sun block may not be used for 48 hours after your treatment. (Home rolling should only be done at night)

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