Tackling Hormonal Acne: The Secrets

So let’s talk about “Hormones” Hormones are a significant contributing factor to the acne story. That is why the condition often surfaces as we hit puberty. This is due to excess levels of androgens (male sex hormone) in the body. Androgens are usually thought of as a male hormone but the female body naturally produces a small amount too. As the body begins to mature and develop this hormone stimulates the sebaceous glands to make more sebum.

Acne is Unique to each Person

Acne can occur in both men and women, and at any age and is a nightmare to deal with. While it is mostly associated with young active skin types, acne can be more severe when it occurs in adulthood. This common disorder can range from mild to severe forms can cause extensive scarring and can occur somewhere between the ages of 11 to 50. Regardless of age, gender skin colour or ethnicity what causes acne is the same across the board. “Hormones” All grades of acne have this one thing in common. Hormones are responsible for all cellular actions.

There are certain basics for fighting breakouts that are essential if you are going to have any chance of winning this battle. To create a plan of action it is essential to understand what really can help your skin. If your don’t you could end up making the condition worse than it was to begin with or at best find temporary relief only to have the problem’s show up time and time again.

Let’s start by getting a better understanding of the different grades of Acne

Your story

The Battle Plan

LED Blue Light Therapy with Jackie O'Brien
Blue LED Light: Blue Light Technology is a non invasive treatment for acne that uses light to kill certain bacteria Propionibacterium acnes (P acnes) on the skin. The P acnes bacteria are responsible for the inflammation in the skin and it is sensitive to Blue Light.

What You Shouldn’t Do

  • Don’t use harsh or irritating skin care products.You will always hear me say the importance of using gentle cleansing for all skin types. This concept is very difficult for someone with oily /acne skin to believe because the desire to really clean and scrub the skin is almost irresistible.
  • Oversqueezing, Picking, digging, scraping, or poking at pimples may be hard to resist and you may think it speeds up the healing but in fact it sets you up for more problems. Creating scabs and constantly reinjuring the lesion just increases the chance of scarring.
  • Wiping or rubbing the skin aggressively will make the irritation worse.
  • Take advice from a friend on what to use on your skin! This will end in a graveyard of products in your bathroom that failed miserably to give you the result you wanted.

What You Can Do?

Start a gently skin care home programme that will clean, exfoliate and hydrate your skin. Effective treatment works by reducing oil production, eliminating skin cell build up on the surface of the skin and in the pore and killing the bacteria.

  • Get advice from a professional and start with a proper plan of action. A professional will be able to analysis your skin and know how to create a good balance between active ingredients to tackle the excess sebum, blemishes etc and rehydrate the skin with the proper ingredients
  • Start taking supplements that will help to tackle the problem from within.
  • Learn how to clean your skin correctly
  • Educate yourself about foods and diet.
  • Drink more water to hydrate your skin from the inside out. A hydrated skin is a healthy skin!
Acne Skin - how do you solve your problmatic acne skin

Let’s bust up them myths

Myth Busters

You Can Dry Up A Blemish

Water is the only thing you can dry up and a blemish has nothing to do with being wet. Skin cells however do contain water and when you dry up the skin you are really drying up the water in the skin cell. Drying up the skin weakens the skins natural barrier which can increase the presence of bacteria in the pore and cause flaking and a tight dry feeling. When this happens the skins response is to product more oil to rebalance the natural barrier. Also the dry skin cells cannot shed because of the lack of water and they stay on the skin and clog the pores further.

Blemishes are caused by Dirty Skin

This again can cause harsh over cleaning of the face with soaps and strong detergent cleansers which increases the risk of irritation and dryness and doesn’t do anything to prevent blemishes. Gentle cleansing and overall gently skin care is critical to getting breakouts under control.

You can spot treat Blemishes

Once you see a blemish you can’t just zap it into oblivion in the hope that it will go away. By the time most types of blemishes appear on the surface of the skin they have been at least two to three weeks in the making. Dealing with individual blemishes will not deal with the blemishes that are forming. The best course of action is to work on the cause of the blemishes not the aftermath.

The Skin Whispers Overview

Acne can strike at any age. It’s more common among teenagers and it can often show up in women who are going through menopause because it surfaces during times of hormonal imbalance. When glands produce more oil than normal the pores get clogged allowing bacteria to grow. Creating good habits around daily skin care, diet and supplements will equip the skin to handle any imbalances that occur. However the one thousand piece jigsaw puzzle of Acne/Oily skin takes time to put together but it’s worth it!

Like I said at the beginning of this blog acne is a complex skin condition. I have only scratched the surface and brought as much information to you so that you can understand how the skin operates under these hormonal conditions and hopefully will help you make more informed decisions about what’s happening with your skin. The importance of foods, cleansing, using the correct products with the correct ingredients, supplements and lifestyle can have a big impact on achieving positive, sustainable results in the skin.


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