We have to remember that your home roller which has hundreds of small little needles needs to be treated with care. 

NOTE: It is important to not drop you roller directly into the bottom of a glass dish. This could blunt the tiny micro needles.

Options for cleaning your Home Roller

Option 1: Place a piece of cotton wool into a glass and ½ fill with water. Drop 1/2 denture tablet in and let it dissolve. Leave your roller to soak in this solution for 30 minutes.  Make sure the needles avoid contact with hard surfaces especially glass.  Denture tablets contain enzyme cleansers which remove oils as well as reduce bacteria.  Rinse the roller under hot running water and let dry in its case before replacing the lid.

Option 2: Dilute pure teatree in some water and using a soft toothbrush gently clean the roller. Rinse in water and allow to dry.

Option 3: Dilute salt in boiling water and allow to cool. Using a soft toothbrush gently wash your roller or you can leave to soak for 10 min. Rinse under water and allow to dry.

Your should replace your Home roller every 3-6 months

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