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Things to think about when you can't get to your beautician for IPL, Electrolysis or waxing!! I am thinking of you all at this time. Super hard to maintain a routine.

COVID19 Hair Removal Tips

Has your Electrolysis Treatment or IPL treatments been interrupted because of the salon closures.

Facial Hair: I know it is a worrying time because hair still grows regardless of what is happening in the world. My advice is to grow the hairs for as long as you can. At some point the hairs may get to a point where there is an abundance of them and they become visible and just plain annoying. When this happens it is OK to buy a little home waxing kit in the chemist and gently wax the hairs.
Is this an ideal thing to do? NO it is not but it will not make the hairs worse and it will give you a level of comfort that will see you through until we can start your treatments again.
The main thing is you DO Not PLUCK. Plucking makes the hairs stronger and also increases the growth.

Shaving is also not ideal for facial hair because it cannot work in a small localised area and you run the risk of stimulating hairs that are not part of the original problem.

Body Hair: For IPL hair removal on the body it is acceptable to shave the body hair until we can resume your treatments.

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