Dr. Schwab Invisible Glove

Wash hands thoroughly as often as needed, apply a small amount of Invisible Glove with Eucalyptus and Rosemary and let it dry. A small amount goes a long way. Avoid eye area.

What A Great Name for A Hand Sanitiser

The humble, ancient, cheap old bar of soap takes care of the virus much like it takes care of the oil in water. “It’s almost like a crowbar; it pulls all things apart.

“Soap doesn’t fail”. It doesn’t really matter the formulation of soap either. You don’t need “antibacterial soap” ordinary soap works fine. Body washes or shampoos will work too. “As long as you give it a little bit of time, it will do its job. Firstly your skin is wrinkly and it takes time for soap to penetrate into all the tiny folds and demolish the viruses that lurk within. Then the soap needs a few moments to do its chemical work. “You do need a bit of time for all the soap to interact back and forth with the virus particle. 20 seconds should do the trick just fine.

All of this, at least, makes me excited to wash my hands more. As I’m washing with soap and water and counting to 20, I’m imagining a battle being waged in the teeny-tiny folds of my skin. The soap is charging in, sticking to viruses (as well as dirt and other grease), and tearing them apart in brutal, heroic fashion. It’s almost like the a scene from Mission impossible but better because it’s real. It all helps stop the spread of this crazy virus.



Most frequent questions and answers

There can be no substitute for washing your hands with soap and water. Sanitisers are your back up plan when you are not in a position to wash your hands.

According to the WHO (World Health Organisation) You need 60%-95% of alcohol in your hand sanitiser for it to be effective. Dr. Schwab Invisible glove contains 65% Alcohol.

Invisible Glove contains 65% Alcohol.

If your hands are wet or sweaty when you use the sanitiser it can dilute it and diminish its effectiveness.

Hand sanitiser doesn’t clean your hands of sticky grease to which viruses can also adhere. Soap! Soap! Soap!

What I Love About Dr Schwab

 Invisible Glove has been formulated with all plant based ingredients. Washing your hands so often with soap of all kinds combined with the Alcohol in sanitisers is very drying for the skin and can cause horrible irritation leading to sore cracked hands. A combination of Witch Hazel and Aloe Vera in our invisible glove works on keeping the skin hydrated and calm. This balances out the drying effects of the Alcohol that protects us so well against the bacteria and viruses. (Invisible glove contains 65% Alochol)

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