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skin whisperer

Manage Your Skin

by Jackie O'Brien

About Me

Jackie is the owner of Body Connection Castleknock which was established in 1985. With continued success she decided to open Body Connection Blanchardstown in 1996.

Jackie has over 35 years experience in the Beauty and Skin Care Industry

She started her early career as a Dental Nurse and studied in the Dublin Dental hospital for 2 years and then worked with a leading orthodontist for a further 2 years. She then took the brave step of leaving everything behind and travelling to Saudi Arabia to work in a dental clinic for an USA company.  

“This was my first step towards my passion for Health and Fitness. There were amazing sports facilities there and I got hooked.  When I returned to Ireland I enrolled and completed a fitness instructor diploma and through this developed an interest in nutrition and the effects nutrition can have on the body and particularly the skin. I noticed a big improvement in my skin and how I felt about myself with better nutrition and this is what ignited my interest for skin and the science behind it”.

Jackie went on to complete a Beauty Therapy course in Loriam College achieving a Cidesco diploma and student of the year for Electrolysis Hair Removal and Diathermy.

“Facial Hair Removal is also a passion for me. So many people get the wrong advice and feel that they have no solutions. I have guided hundreds of clients through a successful journey of successful permanent facial hair removal.  When a client trusts me to take them on this journey it is an honour.  To see a client gain their confidence back in themselves is so rewarding for me and I am reminded time and time again of the Body Connections motto “Empowerment through self image”

 “I wanted to achieve optimum results for my clients so in 2008 I made the decision to go back to the drawing board and educate myself as much as possible on Skin Science. It wasn’t enough for me to just take someone’s word for how something worked I needed to drill down into the  “HOW”.  So I began my journey in Canada and the USA the epicentre of Beauty and Cosmetics sciences. I was fortunate to have the opportunity to learn from amazing educators and leaders in the Beauty industry from all over the world who continue to be my mentors today. My studies incorporated Advanced Skin Analysis, Cosmetic Chemistry in UCLA,  Medical Dermal Needling, Disorders of the Epidermis, and Skin Care ingredients in Cosmetics and Technologies for Skin Management programmes” I now had the knowledge of the skin on a more scientific level and I incorporated all of it  into new educational programmes for my staff.

Jackie trained as a professional educator and won the prestigious award for “Outstanding New Educator” of her class in 2010. She is also a member of the International Association of Skin Sciences.

“Skin has a language of its own.  It is communicating with us every day. My job is to interpret that language and translate for the client. I know that sounds a little crazy but it is as simple as that” My career challenges me and I love bringing my clients on a journey to get the best possible results for them. Skin health is so important for how the skin behaves on a daily basis and also how it matures”


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